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    Epoxy flooring is very common in molded floors and it is most suitable in interiors. In comparison with polyurethane type of floors is this type harder and has a greater life expectancy. On the other hand, the surface is softer, and it is applied in 2-3 millimeters. Thanks to these properties, “epoxide” is commonly used in heavy industry, warehouses, or logistic centers.

    Besides already mentioned areas, this surface is suitable for places with a high concentration of people – dining rooms, bars, hotel rooms, offices, and lecture rooms. When it comes to the inhabited areas, it can be used everywhere – hall, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and most importantly – garages. After the installation of the floor, the application of special surface paint is recommended. It protects the floor against scratches – these are more common than on polyurethane floors.

    Epoxy floor reacts with humidity by blending, but its usage in areas with higher humidity is commonly considered to be a better choice than polyurethane floor.