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  • Are you looking for a fast and reliable service for your floor? You have just found one!


    We prefer quality over quantity

    Our priority is not the amount of work done, but an individual approach to every client and customizing details during the realization according to the client’s preference.


    Use our expertise

    Long-term experience from foreign, but also the local market is adding to the quality and satisfaction of our customers. Choose us and see for yourself!


    Do you have hard time solving a problem? We will help you!

    Do you have a tight budget? It is not a problem for us. We will help you with choosing the right floor for your project and we will offer a solution relevant to your requirements.

    How does it work?

    • Phone
    • Email

    Firstly, thank you for contacting us! It does not matter if it is by phone or email. Nevertheless, we are trying to understand your preference for the floor and what services are you interested in. We can meet in person and review your project.

    Review of the project

    • Review
    • Recommendations

    In most cases, we will come and review your project to let you know about details and possibly help you choose the right floor for you. All these, free of charge, of course.


    • Paperwork
    • Deposit
    • Deal

    According to your preferences, we will send you a proposal with your chosen products. The proposal will be sent to you by email and after your approval and deposit payment, we will begin to work on your project!

    Floor modification according to your preferences

    • Floor preparation
    • Project execution
    • Finishing and drying

    After closing a deal and agreeing with all terms and conditions begins a project execution. According to the services chosen by you, the personal approach is needed. From preparation to execution. And in some cases, also drying and standing.

    Final inspection and handing a project to the owner

    • Final inspection of quality
    • Handing a project to the owner

    After final inspection with the owner, only the handing of the project remains. If you liked our work and you are satisfied with it, please leave a positive review on our google pages.

    Thank you very much!


    Feel free to use this service and you will have a free and guaranteed proposal for your project. We will recommend the best choice for your budget.

    Transform your dream for into the reality with us!

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