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    Concrete floors

    Professional sharpening of surfaces with major and minor imperfections and from harder concretes. Sharpening of concrete, terrazzo, marble, travertine surfaces, industrial floors, and granite. We offer to sharpen surfaces and renovation of older floors with special sharpening tools. Sharpening of cement, anhydrite, and plaster screeds and industrial floors with high dust-resistance. Milling, sharpening, and straightening of floor surfaces.

    For floor sharpening, you need powerful machines and tools that can straighten these imperfections and sharpen them at the same time. Nobody likes dust and that is why we care about your health and the health of all other people that might be in touch with this during that dusty and difficult procedures. By quality exhausting, most of the dust gets off the surface that is being sharpened, the surface will be perfectly sharpened, and it is not dusty at all.

    Every surface of the floor is special and different. Therefore, in sharpening, you need another sharpening, carborundum even diamond wheels. “Bulk” sharpening and “specific” sharpening are executed cautiously by us because we aim for sharpening the corners and all surface areas of rooms. Before sharpening itself, we execute a review. We are doing this because we need to know what tools we need to use and how much is this going to cost. We will recommend how to solve this situation by not spending too much of your budget but at the same time, you will be able to achieve the perfect surface for a suitable price.